Indian Organic Psyllium Seed Husk 400g finely ground


400g organic psyllium seed husk powder 99% purity in certified pharmaceutical quality

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Indian psyllium seed husk, natural fibre for intestinal cleansing

Author: Zeolite bentonite shipping, updated 21.10.2018

To support natural digestion and promote intestinal health, psyllium husks are becoming increasingly popular. As purely vegetable food they provide a high content of digestible and excellent swellable mucilages for a cholesterol-conscious and high-fibre diet. When in contact with water, the finely ground psyllium seed husks swell, resulting in a sharp increase in the volume of the intestinal contents, which increases the stimulus on the intestinal wall, strengthens the peristalsis of the intestines and facilitates emptying of the intestines. Due to its stool-softening effect, Indian psyllium seed husk powder can contribute to intestinal cleansing with a more pleasant intestinal passage and regulation of the bowel movement.

Psyllium seed husk powder from controlled organic cultivation

In contrast to conventional psyllium seed husks, the use of chemical and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is prohibited for organic psyllium seed husks. They are also subject to strict controls by the local organic regulatory authorities. Products from organic cultivation offer lower allergy potential, since no flavour enhancers, artificial flavours or colourings and preservatives may be added to them before they are sold as organic food. Our organic psyllium seed husk powder is quality-tested in German accredited laboratories and is available here as organic psyllium seed husk 400g finely ground powder and in organic psyllium seed husks 200 capsules.

Psyllium seed husks combined with zeolite and bentonite?

Due to their high swelling capacity, psyllium seed husks are mechanically acting laxatives which can support the effect of zeolite and bentonite. Here are some ready-to-use powder mixtures for practical use as CE-tested medical products in 400g containers: Zeolite MED + psyllium seeds, Bentonite MED + psyllium seeds and ZeoBent MED + psyllium seeds.

Do you still have questions? Answers to frequently asked questions about detoxification with ZeoliteBentonite and ZeoBent can be found in our FAQs.


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