Zeolite Toothpaste 75ml, Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, with Xylitol


Natural oral hygiene and caries prevention with Zeolite and Xylitol


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Natural Clinoptilolite in
ZeolithMED Detox - Skin Powder,
ZeolithMED Skin Cream and
ZeolithMED Toothpaste

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The pollutant-binding, detoxifying and regulating properties of zeolite can also be applied in the form of skin powder and skin cream. The finest ZeolithMED Detox Skin Powder 40g or 80g can easily be applied locally as body, wound and foot powder in a practical shaker container. Our medical product ZeolithMED Detox Skin Powder is a 100% pure natural mineral of volcanic origin without further additives.

For the daily skin care of the whole family our rich cosmetic ZeolithMED Skin Cream and ZeolithMED Skin Cream for dry skin are wonderfully suitable. These have been developed on the basis of natural raw materials to effectively support the skin's natural regeneration processes.

Our ZeolithMED Toothpaste and homoeopathically compatible ZeolithMED Toothpaste are used for natural oral hygiene and caries prophylaxis. Zeolite can remove impurities from the teeth and xylitol can reduce plaque formation. Due to their slightly sweet xylitol taste, these toothpastes are also suitable for children. Our ZeolithMED Toothpaste contains no fluoride.

New to our collection is our ZeolithMED hyaluronic gel.

Do you still have questions? Answers to frequently asked questions about detoxification with Zeolite, Bentonite and ZeoBent can be found in our FAQs.

Zeolite as powder, fine powder, capsules or skin care?

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  1. base price: €0.10 / 1 ml

    Natural oral hygiene and caries prevention with Zeolite and Xylitol

  2. base price: €0.13 / 1 ml

    Zeolite Skin Cream a regeneration cream for natural skin care for dry skin

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