Organic Indian Psyllium Seed Husk 200 Capsules, DE-ÖKO-070

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Finely ground organic psyllium seed husk powder in 200 cellulose capsules


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Organic Indian psyllium seed husk for the intestines

Psyllium seed husk, also called Psyllium, is known for its beneficial properties as a plant-based source to promote good digestion. In contact with water, the fibre swells resulting in a large increase of volume in mucilage and intestinal contents. The result is a gel-like mass that makes the bowel contents softer, which stimulates peristalsis and facilitates defecation.

psyllium seed husk powder in capsule form is the ideal traveling companion due to its convenient and easy application. The purely plant based capsule shells are made of cellulose (HPCM).

Your advantage: certified quality - Trust is good, control is better

Our organic psyllium seed husk powder has the highest quality standards: Our finely ground organic psyllium seed husks go through high standards of control and meet the highest criterions of the European Pharmacopoeia. To ensure this, our organic psyllium seed husk powders are tested in state-approved and accredited German laboratories in accordance with relevant monographs.

-    a plant-based capsule shell contains approximately 700mg of finely ground psyllium seed husk powder
-    fibre rich swelling agent for the intestines
-    suitable for use during pregnancy and nursing period
-    suitable for vegans
-    gluten and lactose free herbal product
-    without additives
-    organically farmed
-    of certified pharmaceutical quality

100% psyllium seed husk ground from organic farms, 99% purity, extra white, 60 mesh, plant-based cellulose shells (HPCM)

Nutrition Information per 100g

Calorific value 774 kJ/ 193 kcal
Protein  1.0g
Carbohydrates  2.0g
Sugar < 0.24g
Fat   0.50g
Saturated fat  0.06g
Non-saturated fat  0.21g
Fibre    88.00g
Sodium 0.12g








Intake recommendation
Depending on your needs up to 2 times daily 3 capsules with at least 200 ml of liquid, to be consumed with 1 to 2 glasses of fluids.


Do not consume dry! Must be consumed with sufficient amount of fluids (appoximately 2 liters) throughout the day. After medication, wait 30 minutes before consumption. Not recommended for children under 6 years. Store in air-tight container in cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. 

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More Information
Verpackung Kapseldose
Produktcode (EAN) 4260496930502
Content 200 Kapseln

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