Info-Test-Set Detox - Powder 600g, Medical devices

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1x Zeolite MED powder,
1x Bentonite MEDpowder,
1x ZeoBentMED powder

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Get to know, test and try out our approved volcanic mineral powder

Zeolite MED, Bentonite MED and ZeoBentMED are natural medical products from the indigestible natural minerals clinoptilolite-zeolite and montmorillonite-bentonite, which can bind to pollutants in the gastrointestinal tract like a sponge and draw them out of the body by natural means. The harmful substances that are bonded to zeolite and bentonite are naturally excreted with stool via the intestines within approximately 24 hours without burdening the metabolism.

The effect of medical products Zeolite MED, Bentonite MED and ZeoBentMED is based on their special property to bind to harmful substances aleady existing in the digestive system and thereby to unburden the endogenous detoxification organs. In this way not only do fewer toxins get in the body, but even pre-existing pollutants can be channeled out through osmotic gaps and through the dynamic equilibrium of living organisms.

Zeolite MED is a natural medical product from clinoptilolite-zeolite, which is indigestible and insoluble, possesses a high selective adsorption ability as well as molecular sieve functions against various pollutants and is therefore suitable for detoxification.

Bentonite MEDis a natural medical product from montmorillonite-bentonite which binds various pollutants to its surface and layer interstices. It is indigestible and insoluble as well as swellable and, upon oral administration, builds a thin montmorillonite gel protective film. This gel protective film coats the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, whereby the adverse effects of disease-causing factors can be reduced and the nerve endings of the stomach and intestines calmed.

ZeoBentMED is a natural medical product from the indigestible, pollutant-binding natural minerals zeolite (clinoptilolite) and bentonite (montmorillonite). ZeoBentMED unites the mutually beneficial active properties of both of these silicon-rich natural minerals.

Tip for use: BentonitMED forms a protective gel-film, which can be especially helpful for sensitive intestinal mucosa. This is why it is known as the “gentle detoxifier”, which can be used as a starting point. In the mixed product ZeoBentMED, zeolite and bentonite complement each other in their effects, meaning it can be used to “intensify” treatment, following the use of ZeolithMED.


200 g Zeolite MED detox powder
- the detoxification specialist
- sufficient for 20 days use
- natural mineral powder with no additives
- 100% clinoptilolite zeolite powder
- micronized and activated
- in 375 ml food safe tub
- medical product 

200g Bentonite MED detox powder
- the gentle detoxifier with protective gel-film for the mucosa
- sufficient for 20 days use
- natural mineral powder with no additives
- 100% naturally active montmorillonite bentonite
- in 375 ml food safe tub
- medical product 

200g ZeoBentMED detox powder
- the multi-talent
- sufficient for 20 days use
- natural mineral powder mixture with no additives
- 80% clinoptilolite zeolite powder + 20% montmorillonite bentonite powder
- micronized to an ultra-fine degree and activated
- in 375 ml food safe tub
- medical product


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Verpackung Pulverdose
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Content 600g

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