ZeoBent MED® + Psyllium seed, 400g powder mixture, Medical device


Bio psyllium seed husk from India + zeolite and bentonite from Europe in a certified pharmacy-quality prepared mixture

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ZeoBent MED® + Psyllium

A natural medical product for liver relief through detoxification of the intestinal tract through the binding of mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, ammonium, histamine. Conditioned by their large swelling capacity, psyllium seed husks are mechanically effective laxatives which thus aid the effect of zeolite and bentonite.

Natural clinoptilolite-zeolite possesses a high selective adsorption ability as well as molecular sieve functions against various pollutants and is therefore suitable for detoxification.

Montmorillonite-bentonite has the ability to bind various pollutants to its surface and layer intersticies. It is swellable and, upon oral administration, builds a thin montmorillonite gel protective film. This gel protective film coats the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, whereby the adverse effects of disease-causing factors can be reduced and the nerve endings of the stomach and intestines calmed.

Indian psyllium seed husks – a natural fiber for intestinal cleansing

For the support of natural digestion and facilitation of intestinal health, psyllium seed husks are becoming more and more popular. As a purely vegetable foodstuff, they deliver a high content of easily digestible mucilage with an excellent swelling capacity for a cholesteral-conscious and fiber-rich diet. When coming in contact with water, the finely ground psyllium seed husks swell, leading to a substantial increase in the volume of the intestinal contents, whereby stimulation of the intestinal wall is increased, peristalsis strengthened and defecation eased. Because of its stool-softening effect, Indian psyllium seed husk powder can contribute to intestinal cleansing for a more pleasant intestinal passage and regulation of bowel movements.

ZeoBent MED® + Psyllium

Contents:      Powder mixture of 40% clinoptilolite-zeolite, 10% montmorillonite-bentonite, 50% organic psyllium seed husk powder

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