Bentonite MED® detox powder 900g in savings stack, Medical devices


200g + 700g natural montmorillonite bentonite powder in refillable Miron violet glass jar

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Bentonite MED® – liver relief through detoxification of the intestinal tract through the binding of mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, ammonium and histamine

Bentonite MED can be used daily for the whole family as a natural, biological regulator for health protection through the prevention and alleviation of symptoms whose causes trace back to exposure to pollutants. Bentonite MED, a natural medical product from the natural mineral montmorillonite-bentonite, can bind to pollutants in the gastrointestinal tract like a sponge and draw them out of the body by natural means. Indigestible, pollutant-loaded Bentonite MED is naturally excreted with stool via the intestines without burdening the metabolism. Through the binding (adsorption) of

  • Heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium)
  • Aluminum
  • Ammonium
  • Histamine

Bentonite MED can be used for liver relief through detoxification of the intestinal tract.. Its natural montmorillonite gel layer works to protect the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract.

As a prevention

In preventive care, one considers every measure that can inhibit or slow down an impairment to one's health (illness, injury) or make it less likely to occur. Prevention is the best medicine. Bentonite MED can bind unwanted pollutants already in the digestive system even before they are taken in by the body, and thereby help to avoid illnesses that are associated with increased pollution.

For alleviation

The enrichment of toxic, active metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum and other substances like ammonium and histamine can be the cause of a variety of chronical illnesses. The pollutant-binding and cleansing qualities of Bentonite MED along with its mucous membrane protecting properties allow it to be used therapeutically or, when necessary, as an accompaniment to therapy, particularly for increased exposure to histamine and histamine intolerances such as allergies, gastrointestinal tract illnesses, liver malfunction or increased strain on the liver through ammonium compounds. 

Bentonite MED® Powder

Contents:   100% montmorillonite-bentonite

Our tip: Bentonite is a fine powder and insoluble in water, meaning that suspension always occurs. To prevent clumps from forming, you should use a beater or a balloon whisk when stirring it into the liquid, as you would when making a roux. First fill the glass with water, add the bentonite powder and then stir.

Violet energy-saving glass jar provides protection

Our violet glass jar is a refillable, dark violet energy-saving jar providing both absolute protection from visible light and the desired amount of permeability in the violet/ultraviolet (the highest light frequency with the most energy) and infrared spectrum. Only the highest daylight frequencies, and thus those with the most energy, are able to permeate the glass. It is an ideal and practical storage container for our zeolite: order it once and simply refill it.

PDF Instructions for use of Bentonite MED®


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  1. B900V
    Goods is certainly fine, but I would have liked coarser the powder.

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